Another Important Win for our members!

On May 31, 2017, nearly seven years after the UNM Pit Arena project was completed the New Mexico Court of Appeals overturned a NM District Court decision and has upheld workers private right of action to recover underpayment of their wages on NM Public Works projects.


Carl Condit, IBEW 611 Business Manager said,” It is critically important to bring wage thieving contractors to justice. When they unlawfully put our hard earned money into their own pockets they must be stopped and that is exactly what we are doing here”.

 In this case, Mosher Enterprises and Flintco West are attempting to defend the underpayment of wages and fringe benefits to their employees and have dragged this case on for over seven years. The recent action by the NM Court of Appeals is a major win for New Mexico Craftsmen and is a clear message to unscrupulous business owners who choose to rob their own employees of their hard earned money.

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Led by IBEW Local 611, the New Mexico Building Trades Council has overcome a major hurdle in Federal District Court in its efforts to recover tens of millions of dollars in underpayment of wages and benefits owed to thousands of New Mexico’s hard working construction craftsmen.

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